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SAVE 100+ Hours every month.

Focus on making more videos. Leave the boring editing work to our AI-Powered Video Editor.

No Credit Card Required.


Stevezee, Marketing

"works pretty well 

only feedback is it would be better if the processing happens a bit faster, cos it took a couple mins for it to process my video.

other than that love it 🙂"



Trim silent and quiet parts of your video.

All the processing happens on the cloud.

AI-Powered Video editing.

Go from a raw video to first cut edit in minutes.

AI-Powered video editing supported for MP4, and other video files.

Create AI Edited and captioned shorts & reels from full form videos using the power of AI.

Great for

Content creators looking to significantly improve their posting frequency.

Video Editors dealing with multiple clients.

Social Media Managers looking to scale their social media efforts.

Video Managers looking to improve their video quality significantly.

Course Creators looking to fast-track their course publishing speed.

Anyone who creates content on YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram and pretty much anywhere else.

And everyone looking to improve the quality of their videos with less time invested.

How to use Video Silence Remover?

It's fairly simple process.

Step 1: Upload a video on

Step 2: Click on Process

Step 3: Wait for the cloud to process the video. Once it's ready you will get your video in the email and visible on the dashboard.

What is the Pricing?

Our tool is fundamentally free since it's in Beta.

However, indicative pricing will be $8 / month for 15 videos.

Obviously no questions asked refunds.

Anything you should know of?

We currently only support video upto 1 GB.

Multi sequence videos are supported, but videos must be uploaded 1 by 1 output may not be as expected. We're working to build this as a feature soon. Hold tight.

Thanks for submitting!

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